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Spare Parts List
PROTO2000121 PRES121 Gear 2-8-4   $4.00
PROTO2000298 PRES298 Loco and Tender Coupler   $6.50
PROTO200055 PRES55N USRA 2-8-8-2 Gear   $1.00
PROTO200057A PRES57AC19 Heritage 0-8-0 Connector   $1.50
PROTO2000584094 PRES584094 GP60 Lighting Assembly   $11.00
PROTO2000584409 PRES584409 Gear   $2.00
PROTO2000584501 PRES584501 Motor E8/9 SD50   $25.00
PROTO2000584735 PRES584735 SD9 Base   $10.50
PROTO2000584739 PRES584739 SD9 Worm Gear Cover   $2.00
PROTO2000584751 PRES584751 SD7 Gears x 4   $3.00
PROTO2000584757 PRES584757 SW9/1200 Weight With Screws   $4.00
PROTO2000584802 PRES584802 SD9 Brush Spring Pack x 2   $2.50
PROTO2000584814 PRES584814 B20 P2K E7A Detail Parts   $16.00
PROTO2000584833 PRES584833 Motor Alco PA   $26.00
PROTO2000584836 PRES584836 Alco PA Worm Gear   $4.50
PROTO2000584713 PRESB12 P2K E8 Body Detail Parts Pack   $16.00
PROTO2000584704 PRESB12 P2K E8 Light Board Assembly   $16.00
PROTO2000584703 PRESB12 P2K E8 Truck Side Frames   $3.50
PROTO2000584112 PRESB12 P2K Worm Gear Package   $4.00
PROTO2000584753 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Bottom Truck Retai $2.00
PROTO2000584759 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Circuit Board $16.00
PROTO2000584762 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Coupler Pack 2 Set $2.50
PROTO2000584749 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Engine Side (Pr) $3.00
PROTO2000584752 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Geared Driver Assy $3.50
PROTO2000584760 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Light Bulbs W/Cont $3.50
PROTO2000584755 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Motor Mount $2.00
PROTO2000584750 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Truck Side Frames $3.00
PROTO2000584756 PRESB18 P2K SW9/1200 Worm Drive & Reta $4.00
PROTO2000584742 PRESB19 P2K SD7 Circuit Board $16.00
PROTO2000584736 PRESB19 P2K SD7 Coupler Package $2.00
PROTO2000584743 PRESB19 P2K SD7 Light Bulbs Front/Rear $3.50
PROTO2000584738 PRESB19 P2K SD7 Motor W/Flywheels $26.00
PROTO2000584731 PRESB19 P2K SD7 Side Frame Parts/1 Tru $3.50
PROTO2000584732 PRESB19 P2K SD7 Spur Gear Package $3.00
PROTO2000584730 PRESB19 P2K SD7 Truck Assy W/O Side Fra $6.00
PROTO2000584799 PRESB20 P2K E7 Truck Side Frames $3.50
PROTO2000584797 PRESB20 P2K E7A Front Truck Assembly $8.00
PROTO2000584798 PRESB20 P2K E7A Rear Truck Assembly $8.00
PROTO2000T18 PRESB3 P2K 060/080 Tender Pick Ups $1.95
PROTO2000T19 PRESB3 P2K 060/080 Tender Wheel/Axle $2.65
PROTO2000211 PRESB3 P2K 080 Axle Spoked Wheels $4.30
PROTO2000219 PRESB3 P2K 080 Bulb $4.30
PROTO200027 PRESB3 P2K 080 Bulb $4.30
PROTO200057 PRESB3 P2K 080 Connector Top $1.45
PROTO2000212 PRESB3 P2K 080 Connector Wiring $6.00
PROTO2000210 PRESB3 P2K 080 Gear Drive Assembly $4.30
PROTO200021 PRESB3 P2K 080 Motor $23.95
PROTO200087 PRESB3 P2K 080 Valve Crank $4.00
PROTO2000584064 PRESB6 GP38 Front Coupler Bracket $2.25
PROTO2000584065 PRESB6 GP38 Rear Coupling Bracket $2.25
PROTO2000584464 PRESB7 Bulbs $5.00
PROTO2000584466 PRESB7 P2K GP38-2 Gear Box Holder (2) $3.00
PROTO2000584470 PRESB7 P2K GP38-2 Geared Driver Assy $4.00
PROTO2000584472 PRESB7 P2K GP38-2 Truck Housing Connect $4.00
PROTO2000584420 PRESB7 P2K GP38-2 U/Joint & Worm Gear $5.00
PROTO2000584367 PRESB8 P2K GP38-2 Connectors/Screws $16.00
PROTO2000584475 PRESB8 P2K GP38-2 Fully Assembled Truck $11.00
PROTO2000584421 PRESB8 P2K GP38-2 Motor W/Flywheel/Moun $29.00
PROTO2000584473 PRESB8 P2K GP38-2 Side Frames 1 Truck $3.00
PROTO200095 PRESC16 Heritage 0-6-0 Motor W/Flywheel $28.00
PROTO200091 PRESC17 Heritage 0-6-0 Gear $1.20
PROTO200092 PRESC17 Heritage 0-6-0 Gear $1.20
PROTO200093 PRESC17 Heritage 0-6-0 Gear $1.20
PROTO2000130 PRESC17 Heritage 0-6-0 Piston Rod L/HX2 $1.50
PROTO2000148 PRESC17 Heritage 0-6-0 Piston Rod R/H $1.50
PROTO2000184 PRESC17 Heritage 0-8-0 L/H Grate $2.50
PROTO2000584861 PRESC18 P2K E6A Rear Coupler & Bracket $2.25
PROTO200056 PRESC19 Heritage 0-8-0 Connector $1.30
PROTO2000584281 PRESC22 P2K GP60 Glass $16.00
PROTO2000584570 PRESC22 P2K GP9 Circuit Board $16.00
PROTO2000M29 PRESM29 Heritage Steam 2-8-4 Motor $26.00
PROTO2000M3 PRESM3 Wheels 284 Pony Tender $16.00
PROTO2000M6 PRESM6 Power Pick Up Tender $3.60
PROTO2000571096 PRESN571096 SW9/1200 Truck Assembly $8.00
PROTO2000571129 PRESN571129 PA/PB Side Frame Black $2.00
PROTO2000571130 PRESN571130 PA/PB Side Frame Silver $2.00
PROTO2000571260 PRESN571260 B1  DL109 Motor W/Flywheel $4.10
PROTO2000574803 PRESN574802 C11 GP38/F40 Motor $10.00
PROTO200085 PRESN85C13 USRA 2-8-8-2 Gear $1.00
PROTO2000571195 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Complete Truck Assy $5.65
PROTO2000571193 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Drive Set (3) $4.10
PROTO2000571258 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Drive Shaft Packet $6.15
PROTO2000571194 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Gear Packet - 7 Gears $4.10
PROTO2000571262 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 PCB W/Headlight $2.10
PROTO2000571126 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Under Carriage Black $4.10
PROTO2000571264 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Under Carriage Green $4.10
PROTO2000571127 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Under Carriage Silver $4.10
PROTO2000571255 PRESNB1 P2K DL109 Windows/Headlight/Horn $3.60
PROTO2000571067 PRESNB2 P2K SW8/600/900 Coupler Packet $4.70
PROTO2000571097 PRESNB2 P2K SW8/600/900 Gear Packet $3.50
PROTO2000571095 PRESNB2 P2K SW8/600/900 Motor Holder $1.95
PROTO2000571094 PRESNB2 P2K SW8/600/900 Motor W/Flywheel $13.30
PROTO2000571100 PRESNB2 P2K SW8/600/900 PCB W/LED $3.50
PROTO2000571098 PRESNB2 P2K SW8/600/900 Wheel Set $3.50
PROTO2000T17 PRESB3 P2K 060/080 Tender Truck Frame 2 $6.90
PROTO2000571078 PRESNC10 E6/7 Side Frame W/O Pocket Blac $2.50
PROTO2000571060 PRESNC10 P2K SD7  Drive Pack $4.00
PROTO2000571021 PRESNC11 GP38/F40 Geared Truck Assembly $5.00
PROTO2000571148 PRESNC12 P2K GP20 Gear Set W/Tower $7.00
PROTO2000571042 PRESNC14 P2K E6A/E7A Motor W/Flywheels $19.00
PROTO2000571146 PRESNC2 GP20 Drive Packet (2) $5.25
PROTO2000571014 PRESNC2 GP38 Drive Spring $1.40
PROTO2000571058 PRESNC23 P2K SD7 Hand Rails $4.00
PROTO2000571093 PRESNC24 P2K SW9/1200 Hand Rails & Grabs $4.00
PROTO2000571125 PRESNC4 P2K PA Geared Truck Assembly $10.00
PROTO2000571022 PRESNC5 F40 Truck Frame W/Coupler Pocket $2.50
PROTO2000571149 PRESNC6 P2K GP20 Side Frame $2.00
PROTO2000571066 PRESNC7 P2K SD7 Side Frame Black $2.00
PROTO2000571145 PRESNC8 P2K GP20 Motor $16.00
PROTO2000571061 PRESNC8 P2K SD7 Motor W/Flywheels $10.00
PROTO2000571077 PRESNC9 E6/7 Side Frame W/O Pocket Silve $2.50
PROTO2000571065 PRESNC9 P2K SD7 Axle Set -2 Gear 1 Plain $5.50
PROTO1000RSC2 PRESRSC2 Motor and Fly Wheels with Gears $30.00
PROTO2000584426 PRESSD45 Side Frame (1 Truck) T101 $3.00
PROTOHER91 PROTO91C18 Heritage 2-8-8-2 Crank $1.60
PROTOGEARS PROTO2000 Gears Assorted $1.00
STEAMQS1284 QSI Soundcard 284 Birkshire $80.00
STEAM123 STEAM123 Gear 2-8-4   $6.00
STEAM136 STEAM136N USRA 2-8-8-2 Vestibule / Tender $2.00
STEAM158 STEAM158 Electrical Joiner 0-6-0 $6.00
STEAM35 STEAM35 0-6-0 Motor $20.00
STEAM511 STEAM511 Valve Gear Link 2-8-4 $4.00
STEAM512 STEAM512 Valve Gear Link 2-8-4 $4.00
STEAMT102 STEAMT102 Tender Block Bogies 2-8-4 $5.00
STEAMT232 STEAMT232 Tender 2-8-4 $2.50
STEAMT297 STEAMT297 Joiners 2-8-4 Tender $6.00
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