Hornby - R8223 Track Extension Pack C - OO Scale

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Extend your train set in easy and affordable steps by adding the Hornby Track Packs and Track Mat Accessory Packs all the way to the full layout pictured on your TrakMat scenic underlay sheet. This item is suitable for the R8217 Hornby TrakMat and the Hornby MidiMat TrakMat Extension Pack C contains: 2 x R600 Standard Straight 1 x R8073 Right Hand Point 4 x R607 Second Radius Double Curve 1 x R606 Second Radius Standard Curve Extension Pack C adds an inner track so that two trains can be run independently, one on each track. An extra transformer, controller and power clip must be obtained to provide the power and control for the second train on the inner track. We suggest controller R8250, transformer P9200 and power clip R602 Alternatively a R8201 Track Link wire (included) can be used when only one controller is bring used to operate the layout. Add Extension Pack A, B and C to the Starter Oval supplied with Hornby Train Sets to make the track layout shown. The contents of Extension Pack C are shown in blue. This item replaces R9077 Thomas Track Pack C. It contains exactly the same items but in new packaging.
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